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Links of Interest

Welcome to our links page. We aim to be the most comprehensive list of North Carolina speculative fiction and gaming resources in the state. If you know of a site that should be listed, please email us at info <AT> rtsfs <DOT> com.

The story about us that appeared in the Raleigh News and Observer on 7/5/98 is no longer available online. If you'd like to see a copy of it, email us at info <AT> rtsfs <DOT> com and we'll bring our laminated copy to the next event.

North Carolina Clubs, Organizations and Publications

Black Rose Productions — World of Darkness live action role-playing (LARP) in the Triangle.

Carolina Otaku Uprising — UNC-Chapel Hill's anime club.

Charlotte Gaming Society — name says it all.

DukAnime — Duke University's anime club.

Nippon Anime Society — Anime group in Fayetteville. Watch out for the movie their site tries to automatically download to your machine.

North Carolina Writers' Network — The office is in Carrboro and yearly dues are $40 for individuals, $25 for students/senior citizens. If you're interested in learning more about the craft of writing and the publishing business, this is a nice little group with a good resource library.

Revisionaries of Raleigh — A Raleigh writers' workshop founded in 1989 by Leigh Martin, exclusively for fantasy, sf, and horror. Several members have been professionally published; the group has been active for 11 years. There is a cap on membership.

Rom's Bar — a Charlotte-based fan club for Max Grodenchik, offering a quarterly newsletter (or more), an autographed picture, and various surprises.

Science Fiction Fantasy Federation — UNC-Greensboro's sf club, affectionately known as SF3 or "SF cubed".

Southern Fandom Confederation — The Southern Fandom Confederation (SFC) is a not-for-profit literary organization and information clearinghouse dedicated to the service of Southern Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom. Membership dues are $15/year per person, $50/year for clubs or conventions. They aren't based in North Carolina, but they're an important resource for Southern fans.

Super Anime Club of Doom — UNC-Asheville's anime club.

Triangle Area Anime Society — Devoted to the world of Japanese animation. If "Fushigi Yuugi, "Bubblegum Crisis," "Demon Hunter Yohko," "Dirty Pair" and "Ranma 1/2" mean anything to you, you should check TAAS out.

Triangle Ascension — Did that guy over in the corner really vanish, or didyour eyes trick you? Was that flash of fur a wolf or a man? And what about that pale-skinned babe over there? If you want to know where the Mages, Vampires, and Garou are in the Triangle, this is the place to go. Just stay out of the NC State Steam Tunnels if you're AB negative...

UNCC JAMS — UNC-Charlotte's Japanese Animation and Manga Society -- JAMS, get it?

WomenGamers — Triangle organization run by women gamers, for women gamers. Devoted primarily to computer games.

North Carolina Stores

AnimEigo — Small company inWilmington. Since 1989, AnimEigo has been dedicated to releasing the finest in Japanese Animation, properly translated, and lovingly subtitled and dubbed in English for the benefit of fans and the Japanese-language impaired.

CJ's Comics and Collectibles — Burlington comics store.

Foundation's Edge — An excellent science fiction/horror/fantasy books, games and comics store in Raleigh.

Heroes Aren't Hard to Find — Large comics and gaming store in Charlotte. They also run a yearly convention, HeroesCon.

Hobby Masters — games store in Raleigh.

Non-Local Resources

North Carolina Conventions

Animazement - Annual Anime convention in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Duracon - Durham's own gaming convention, taking place at the Hawthorne Suites.

Stellarcon - Annual convention put on by UNC-G's SF3 for more than 24 years. This year, Stellarcon moves to Greensboro.


Worldcon — listed here since several RTSFS folks are involved and want to keep up-to-date on it.

 Southern Fandom Resource Guide - a comprehensive listing of Science Fiction & Fantasy Conventions held in the Southeastern United States.

North Carolina Authors

RTSFS is fortunate in that several of the authors listed below have been guests at our meetings, including the well-attended "Meet Your Local Authors Night" in September 1998. Our second Authors Night was April 22nd, 1999 and featured Elizabeth Brownrigg, Jodie Forrest, John Kessel, and Allen Wold. 

William Barton - There's not much on his website yet, but that may change soon.

Elizabeth Brownrigg — Brownrigg's first novel, Falling to Earth, was a finalist for the Lambda Award in the Science Fiction category.

Scott Card — author of the popular "Ender" books.

Jodie Forrest — Forrest is a local author whose works include The Rhymer & the Ravens.

Alan Kane — Kane has self-published his first novel, Sastrugi, on his website.

John Kessel - Kessel is an award-winning sf author and a long-time professor of science fiction and fantasy at NC State University.

Graham Watkins - Watkins is a local author who writes horror and Internet thriller (marketing classifications, not his) novels.

Non-Local Archives & Other Resources

Aphelion — The webzine of science fiction and fantasy, maintained by former North Carolina resident Rob Wynne.

AwardWeb — AwardWeb is an index of all the major sf, fantasy, and horror awards.

Constructed Human Languages — including sections on sf languages like Klingon, as well as information on Esperanto and other artificial languages.

FANAC — Fanhistory archives, with con-running resources, fanzine information, and other fan-related information, including convention photographs and reports, fan artist collections, fan fund reports, etc.

Fandom Directory (Online Edition) — Your on-line link to Fandom around the world! Science Fiction, Star Trek, Comics, Trading Cards, Gaming and More! Point and click access to thousands of fan, collector, dealer, store, publisher, club and convention e-mail addresses and web sites.

Fantasy & Science Fiction — F&SF is another venerable player in the magazine publishing history of SF. Founded in 1949, F&SF is celebrating its 50th year of publication.

Gamasutra — Online magazine devoted to the art and science of creating computer games.

Locus — "the newspaper of the science fiction field since 1968."

New England Science Fiction Association — they also operate the NESFA press, a fairly active small press. NESFA is one of the oldest sf clubs in the US.

New York Review of Science Fiction

Speculative Vision — An archive of all kinds of speculative fiction links, including music.

Ultimate Science Fiction WebGuide — on-line biographical and bibliographical data on 10,805 authors (and a few artists):
8,644 Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror authors (including 3,125 authors' hotlinks), as well as 2,161 Mystery/Detective authors.

What We Read & Watch

Charles de Lint — de Lint writes urban fantasy better than anyone else.

Harlan Ellison — The Web home of the Babylon 5 creative consultant and noted author.

Green Man Press — home of artist Charles Vess, who has illustrated works by Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, etc.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 — It's where to go to get the info.

Offical X-Files Web site - Feeling paranoid today? No? Then go here now. Remember, the truth is out there, if the government will ever let you find out...

Space Exploration

The Artemis Project — private travel to the Moon.

 The Mars Society - private travel to Mars.

 The Planetary Society — scientific exploration of space.

 SETI Institute — The SETI Institute serves as the home for scientific research in the general field of Life in the Universe with an emphasis on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

SETI@home — Now you can help scan the skies for extraterrestrial signals. Join the RTSFS group and add your computer's proccesing power to ours; do a search on the full name - Research Triangle Science Fiction Society. Who knows - we may be the ones who find the signal! :-)

SPACEDEV — They are involved with space probes, including the recent asteroid NEAR encounter, and various microprobes.

Triangle Space Society — Local chapter of the National Space Society, this group is based in Cary, NC.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

The Babelfish — a fun translation program. The first line of The Hobbit translated from English to German and back again yields: In a drilling in the soil an elevation bit lived there.

Babylon Park — Kicking Ass in Outer Space. Yup, it's a Babylon 5/SouthPark trainwreck. Enjoy!

Elizabethan Insults - A refreshing change of pace from the cliched standard 4-letter expletives, thou mammering, sheep-biting skainsmate!

Kingdomality — Answer their eight questions to find out what you might have been in Medieval times. Paul is a "Black Knight" and I'm a "Benevolent Ruler", heh heh.

Sluggy Freelance — One of the weirdest cartoons I've found in a while. It seems to amuse Kathy, though.

"Trekkies" — Yes, Virginia, someone (namely Denise Crosby) made a documentary about Star Trek fans.